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We are a B2B software company that provides systems for customer engagement. Our customers are in the e-commerce industry and they use our software to provide good value and trust to their customers. We offer a good value for our customers, because we provide them with high-quality systems and services at an affordable price. Our customer satisfaction is also very high, because we take the time to understand their needs and provide them with solutions tailored for their specific business needs. We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers by providing them with trust and transparency - which makes us stand out from other software companies in the industry. We started out as a small team, and now we have over 50 people on staff. The Social Plus, which was founded in 2012 in Chicago, IL during a brutally cold winter, is a SaaS company with a focus on IT consulting and customized IT solutions for private. The company began with building systems and writing marketing content for mortgage banks during the midst of the housing collapse in America. Thanks to The Social Plus, multiple companies were able to catapult their loan results thanks to showcasing their updated and optimized fully functional and intuitive websites where customers could simply apply for loans and buy up homes at distressed prices. Those companies were, The Federal Savings Bank, People’s Homes Equity, and CF Funding.

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Working with KORE.CO has been phenomenal. Their unwavering dedication to fulfilling requests and delivering top-notch service showcases their professionalism and reliability.


William Dayman

Des Moines, Lowa
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Kore.co has played a crucial role in assisting my company exceed growth expectations by using their expertise in Website and Mobile App development. Not task is too tough for them! As we continue to expand our business, we can count on Kore.co to be by our side!


Chris Brown

LasVegas ,Nevada
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KORE.CO brings knowledge, experience and a proactive attitude to their engagements.


Kevin Bray

Spring Grove, Illinois
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People, passion & principles with a purpose

Our tribe is made up of nerds, creatives and entrepreneurs whose collective experience goes beyond just education citations, certificates and accolades.


Ornis Mala

CEO and Founder
ornis@kore.co  |  (888) 744-7388

Jason Milburn

Account Executive
jason@kore.co  |  (888) 744-7388

Victoria Moyer

Customer Success | VP of Operations
vicki@kore.co  |  (888) 744-7388

Sam Gilmore

Design Director | Director of Operations
sam@kore.co  |  (888) 744-7388

Rob Siudek

rob@kore.co  |  (888) 744-7388

Mensur Ljahi

Account Executive
Mensur@kore.co  |  (888) 744-7388

Erman Belegu

Director of Technology
erman@kore.co  | (888) 744-7388 


Frisco, TX

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